Hi, I’m Vishal. I’m on a mission to build a better mind.

When I was a boy, my parents used to tell me I was intelligent. When teachers and friends started repeating it, I started believing it. 

But it was all a lie! 

One day, in a meeting with several attorneys, I realized I wasn’t that intelligent after all. Whenever one of them asked me to explain my reasoning, I was tongue-tied; my throat felt tight, I stuttered, and ultimately, I had no good answers. 

Apparently, my schooling hadn’t equipped me to defend my ideas against scrutiny: it had instead been geared toward memorizing facts. But defending my ideas required more than memorizing. It required understanding—knowing the Why and How behind the facts. 

I needed to do better. I needed Mind 2.0: a mind that understood things and grasped the reasons behind them, that could evaluate evidence, and spot errors in reasoning with razor precision. I needed a mind with upgraded powers to think—but how?

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